Revolutionary Arts

Revolutionary Arts is dedicated to new ideas, fresh challenges and radical thinking. It makes things for places and people.

Since it was founded by two artists in 2000, Revolutionary Arts has organised events, community programmes and arts festivals without creating an organisation. Instead, projects are formed around strong ideas, loose networks and new collaborations.

Prototyping and testing, Revolutionary Arts is agile and experimental,  creating spaces where people learn for themselves and consequently, where failure is acceptable.

Revolutionary Arts are particularly interested in reclaiming private spaces for public use, and have worked with communities in empty shops, staged parties on piers and started trails of artists’ open houses.

Revolutionary Arts have at various times and for various reasons been commissioned, funded by and worked with Appetite, Transported, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Nesta, vInspired, The Culture Quarter Programme, Royal Opera House, MLA, Living Places, Arts Council England, Unilever, Smirnoff Experience, Budwesier Budvar, Meanwhile Project, Spacemakers,  The Caravan Gallery, Proboscis Studios, South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust, Playful Leeds, Worthing Borough Council, Coventry City Council


  1. Brilliant….glad some of us can be this organised & able!!

  2. Katherine Viswanadhan · · Reply

    I am a writer and want to get help to published my children/youth book on ‘Morals’. I have new characters and illustrations of moral based stories. This was inspired by the London riots in 2011. To develop and guid children’s morals from any early age.

    Please can u help me!

    1. Have a look at – everything is over there now and that includes contact details.

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