Arts hashtags

Hashtags – a word, set of initials or unbroken string of words preceded by a # sign – are used on Twitter and other social media.

Using them in a Tweet helps other people search and find relevant content easily, and allows people to create threads of relevant content for other websites. These are some suggested arts-based hashtags with a brief definition. But there are no set rules – some people may use them and mean other things, or may spam them with irrelevant content.

Arts Funding and government cuts:

  • #artsfunding is used for general news, links and discussion about government cuts to funding for the arts while
  • #artstaxreform is about the specifics of reforming the tax system

Empty shops and pop-up projects:

  • #emptyshops is used for general empty shop projects and news relevant to people interested in empty shops, the high street and town centres, while
  • #popupshop refers to retail and commercial pop-up shops
  • #retailready is a series of #popupshop projects for young people; Retail Ready People is organised by vInspired and The Retail Trust with help from the Empty Shops Network
  • #workshop1a was the Empty Shops Network’s project in Shoreham by Sea, #workshop24 was the Empty Shops Network’s project in South Kilburn and #workshop161 was a nomadic project started on Rochester High Street
  • #fortherecord is a pop-up record store
  • #minlit was the Ministry of Littlehampton, a mass observation project
  • #chaoslibrary is a pop-up library on the theme of order and chaos
  • #popuppeople was a research project and workshops series by the Empty Shops Network, funded by Arts Council England, which created a report

Arts events:

  • #creatingspaces was a conference in Newcastle, New South Wales
  • #mirth was an event at Fabrica, Brighton in June 2012
  • #madeinworthing is an annual festival in that town, which has become a guerilla think tank as well
  • #shifthappens is an annual arts and technology conference run by Pilot Theatre
  • #kissbythebook is Pilot Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet-based show
  • #pierday is Revoutionary Arts event, originally on Worthing Pier but in 2011 looking for alternative venues. Help suggest them using the #findapier hashtag
  • the #northernartprize is announced once a year
  • #sota is the annual State of the Arts conference, organised by Arts Council England and the RSA – it has a dated hashtag as well, for example #sota11 and #sota12
  • #AOH is the Artists Open House scheme in Brighton and Hove
  • For late-night events every Friday at the V&A, search for #fridaylate
  • #SEOS2011 is the hashtag for South East Open Studios – change the year for the latest events
  • #shroparts gathers together arts activity in Shropshire


  • #workshop1a is in an empty shop in Shoreham by Sea, #workshop24 is in South Kilburn
  • #brixvill is a market in Brixton
  • #lv21 is a floating art space (a former lightship) used for exhibitions, performance and more

Networking, discussion and professional development

  • a meeting of people arranged via Twitter is a #tweetup – if it’s a room full of actors it’s for #twespians
  • both #tuttle and #likemind are friendly, creative get-togethers fueled by coffee
  • get involved with AIR campaigns, advocacy, events, planning, actions and dialogue using #AIRactivists
  • curators can discuss their practice using #artistcurators in an a-n and Axis led discussion
  • the Tate lead discussions using #tatedebate and the ICA do the same with #icadebate
  • in Edinburgh, there’s a weekly coffee morning using the hashtag #EdCM
  • the #getambition programme helps arts organisations keep up with digital developments
  • once a year, there is a Social Media Week with lots of seminars, workshops and discussions using the #smwldn (for London) tag
  • for general opportunities for artists, follow #artsopps and for jobs follow #artsjobs


  • Some artists try to draw and pubish a drawing online every day – find them with the #draw365 hashtag
  • a-n magazine encourage artists to blog regulary and use #artiststalking to promote their blogs
  • #overheard conversations and snippets of chat – generally random but amusing – are shared by some artists and
  • #tpsaa records the Things People Say About Artists
  • #tpaaa records the Things People Ask About Artists
  • #platespinners are inspiring people running multiple projects
  • social artist Dan Thompson has launched  to support local shops, cafes and arts; they use #worthingstuff, #worthingart, #worthingstyle and #worthingfood – and the same set of tags are in use in Leeds
  • #riotcleanup was launched after the #londonriots in August 2011; #riotwombles were the people who did it and they became known as the #broomarmy. (Other #riotcleanup hashtags were used for uk cities affected by rioting.) #riotraffle brought together artists and makers to raise funds for people affected by the #ukriots.
  • #wewillgather is a hashtag that gets people together to organise small, local actions – to start an action, Tweet the hashtag, the word ‘help’ and a postcode and #wewillgather will start a page for you

General tags:

  • #followfriday is a Twitter tradition where every Friday users suggest you follow people they find interesting; it can be abbreviated as #ff
  • For artist-specific Follow Friday suggestions, use the hashtag #followart

Psst…You can always try a fairly wildcard search using general hashtags like #photography #letterpress #printmaking and so on.


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