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‘London 2012 was about the people of Great Britain, not its institutions. It celebrated real working people in the opening ceremony, astounded us with down-to-earth sports people who could so easily be our next door neighbours, and welcomed visitors with the help of over 70,000 volunteer gamesmakers and city ambassadors. That idea, not just that ‘this is for everyone’, but also that ‘this is by everyone’, swung the public behind the games and made it the most popular Olympics ever.

So after a 16-day demonstration of people power, it seems odd that we now trust the legacy to our politicians. We’re back to asking again, ‘what will they do?’

But there is no ‘they’.  There’s only us, and we have to create London 2012’s legacy in our own image.’

Revolutionary Arts founder Dan Thompson has written about volunteering and Olympic legacy for The Independent’s blogs.


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