50 Ideas For Worthing

P1050916In 2011, Revolutionary Arts turned the annual Made In Worthing festival into a pop up thinktank and invited artists and academics, community organisers and creative businesses to get together, walk the town and think about a different future. The ideas were an antidote to what Jane Jacobs called ‘the doctrine of salvation by brick’, and focused not on big building projects but on small interventions to knit the town together. Guerilla urbanism. Here are the 50 best ideas from that event.

  1. Create a two-lane 100m track on Worthing promenade
  2. Add the #worthingstuff hashtag to all ‘Welcome to Worthing’ signs to encourage more social media discussion, and use themed hashtags on roadsigns, like #worthingart and #worthingfood
  3. Invite Martin Parr to stay for a week
  4. Promote the real ale and independent pubs in town as social spaces
  5. Create a beach hut festival
  6. Set up a zocalo day, where neighbours sit outside and meet the neighbours
  7. Build a website to promote walking tours around Worthing, and let people upload their own walks
  8. Create a ‘Made In Worthing’ brand for local, independent shops to use
  9. Paint walking lines from the station to key places in the town, like Coventry’s Blue Line
  10. Set up a Likemind group
  11. Make signs lead to Splash Point, as the new centre of Worthing seafront
  12. Hang up bunting everywhere
  13. Celebrate the town’s Art Deco architecture
  14. Support the On Location Film Festival, and arrange more ‘secret cinema’ screenings
  15. Paint all the railings blue
  16. Hold a ‘cap doffing’ day, where people wear hats and doff them to each other as they pass
  17. Photoshop Worthing’s landmark buildings in more colourful paintschemes
  18. Set up a seafront arts and crafts market, with handcarts
  19. Encourage idling in deck-chairs and along the prom
  20. Invite travel bloggers to visit, and show them around the town
  21. Have a tea party on the beach
  22. Invite a steam fun fair to visit the town
  23. Create an inflatable shop to open on the seafront in the summer season
  24. Restore the Pier Amusement’s Monkey Band
  25. Cut the grass in Steyne Gardens into a map of the town
  26. Build an indoor skatepark
  27. Give start-up shops a business rates break
  28. Create a trail to celebrate Worthing’s film and theatre history
  29. Make Pier Day an annual event
  30. Improve signs at East Beach, to highlight the studios and sand courts
  31. Get Gok Wan tin to set up a ‘Face of Worthing’ competition
  32. Invite artists to build sets for the mini golf course
  33. Promote Worthing beach as child-friendly, as it has a shallower slope than nearby beaches like Brighton
  34. Create a temporary park at Teville Gate
  35. Create a community task force, to hold regular clean ups and make a difference to the urban environment
  36. Develop a younger, more dynamic tourism brand for the town
  37. Remove some areas of paving and give the space over to guerrilla gardening
  38. Grow grape vines in Steyne Gardens
  39. Collectively buy advertising in local papers and give it to small businesses
  40. Encourage tea-drinking in public
  41. Redesign the Chatsworth Road entrance to the Guildbourne Centre, and create a public space from the access roads
  42. Build more beach huts, as an international architecture competition
  43. Add more affordable and accessible public housing to the town centre
  44. Put more water features on the promenade
  45. Hold more seasonal sports events on the beach, including kitesurfing and skateboarding
  46. Set up a kayak hire shack
  47. Use flags on the seafront during the summer months
  48. QR code everything
  49. Get Fresh Egg to start an annual Tech Festival to get Worthing working
  50. Hold a regular thinktank in a coffee shop


  1. Reblogged this on Dan Thompson and commented:

    Made In Worthing was set up to create new work and fresh thinking, rather than be another festival on the south coast showing the Same Old Stuff. In 2011, we set up a Made In Worthing thinktank and brought some interesting people together to create ideas for Worthing.

  2. I LOVE so many of these! As a local resident – Lancing – I’m up for getting involved with some of this for sure!

  3. Ali Roberts · · Reply

    I don’t think Splash Point should be the new centre of town as it drives people away from the rest of the town. Why not make it the Art Centre? Other areas could be the Food Centre etc.

  4. Create a beach hut festival and build more beach huts, as an international architecture competition would be awesome! Also a beach front craft market would be a great opportunity for all the talented crafty people to show off their work. Let’s make it happen!!

  5. I think 36 is one of the more sensible/salient points on the list. The I Love Sunny Worthing Union Flag branding scheme looks like it was knocked up by Mike in sales. Awful. Worthing – unlike B&H! – is very bad at marketing itself and its attractions. It has a lot to offer, but we need more confident, dare I say it ‘trendier’ positioning. Worthing should be targeting 35+ age-group – people who are tired of the hype and bombast of B&H or London, but still want to live in a nice house by the sea!

  6. For the summer months – live music on the promenade, outdoor theatre in Steyne Gardens, film screenings on the beach (why does it have to just be used for Glasto?)

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