Fifty inspiring ideas for places (Part two)

Last year, we wrote about how we believe the place where you live belongs to you, and it’s up to you to shape it. We wrote a list of fifty inspiring projects from around the country – some ours, some we’ve visited, some we just love in the Revolutionary Arts office. Here’s another fifty that can inspire you to bring playfulness, pride, pop up fun, placeshaking and productivity to the place where you live.

51. Turn parking spots into parks
52. Learn to recognise birdsong
53. Open a theatre in a fish & chip shop
54. Map all the groups doing good things locally
55. Create a temporary community centre
56. Open a spoon-carving shop
57. Leave pianos on the streets
58. Set up a green jobs alliance
59. Make something from estate agent signs
60. Map useful rooms, halls and other venues
61. Make a park bench more comfortable
62. Create a pop up cinema
63. Open an UnFactory
64. Make your office public once a month
65. Start a farm in a shop
66. Paint a line from the station to the city centre
67. Write a book about the place you live and print it yourself
68. Make useful billboards
69. Use sheds to make a shopping centre
70. Use vinyl stickers to create art exhibitions in unusual places
71. Give people interesting places to stay
72. Celebrate your town’s hidden gems

73. Let people hire folding bicycles

74. Create a park quickly
75. Encourage people to look up and photograph the place they live
76. Make an orchestra play outside
77. Bring tea to the streets
78. Work out what makes a good school
79. Buy five Christmas presents from local shops
80. Start a blog to talk about local buildings
81. Give homeless people decent jobs
82. Hold a pop up swap shop
83. Give young people money to tackle problems
84. Weed overgrown flowerbeds
85. Bring small-scale manufacture back to the town centre
86. Write poetry on the pavements
87. Find interesting ways to talk about neighbourhood planning
88. Make benches under trees
89. Use the city to swap books
90. Create a village green in a forgotten corner 
91. Get buskers to support local shops
92. Set up a tiny print studio
93. Make your town happier
94. Make the launderette a social space
95. Use the YIMBY crowdfunding platform
96. Use a Disloyalty Card
97. Use public art to celebrate traditional local industry
98. Form an orderly queue
99. Get everyone making things
100. Tell people about the good things you find


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  1. vornster · · Reply

    Another great list (with a lot of friendly faces featured – which is always good!). Thanks, Dan!

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