An open letter to #wewillgather

Dear #wewillgather,

I Just wanted to touch base to say thank you for starting something good. This may be goodbye, but it is also a celebration. Your fetching yellow and black face never failed to create a buzz of excitement in exploring new ways to inspire the community. We must celebrate this movement and all it has achieved and must continue to nurture the seeds it has planted. We really enjoyed using it and appreciate how difficult it must have been to decide to finish the journey. But as with all endings, it is often the start of new journeys.

For us here at Volunteer Centre Sutton, our own new journey has been inspired by #wewillgather. I know it’s probably frustrating to hear this, but I wish we had used you more. I believe we are only just beginning to uncover the potential of portals like #wewillgather from a local infrastructure organisation perspective. Last year we started something in Sutton called ‘Community Makers’ after gathering the contact details of Olympic Games Makers who lived in Sutton – the idea was simple, we wanted to take the people who inspired a generation to now inspire a community. After piloting this for 6 months we are going to explore the open source capabilities of #wewillgather to trial a ‘local expression’ of #wewillgather called… you guessed it #communitymakers.

So as we say goodbye I want to thank you for shining a light on the future of volunteering. Thank you for being bold and brave. Thank you for the principles #wewillgather stood for. Thank you for empowering the local community to make a difference without being told how to do it, and giving people the tools and resources to make good things happen.

I believe as a society we will reimagine and rediscover ‘volunteering’ over the coming years and when we look back at the rich tapestry that has made up this story, #wewillgather will shine through in all it’s yellow and black glory. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely.

Volunteer Centre Sutton

Written in response to our announcement that we’re closing the #wewillgather website, this letter says it all. Thank you!


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