Summer of Colour Observatory

A4 Margate Observatory copyMargate’s Summer of Colour is a programme of arts activity built around the town’s Turner Contemporary and their 2014 exhibition of the work of Mondrian.

The Summer of Colour Observatory project is a mobile intervention, which will be unpacked at various events to create a conversation and gather useful information about the audience.

Packed into 2-3 brightly coloured vintage suitcases, decorated with redesigned luggage labels highlighting social media hashtags, the project is completely mobile and will be carried by social artists Dan Thompson and Tom Swift to Summer of Colour events around Margate.

Unpacked, rugs, cushions and other dressing create a defined space for the artist to work, which – looking like a seaside picnic – is an invitation to other people to stop and talk.

At various Summer of Colour events, Dan  and Tom will be watching the crowd. Who’s come the furthest, what else is worth seeing in Margate, who’s the most colourful person, and what can we overhear?


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