The Margate Big Busk

Big Busk 2A Facebook thread, a coffee with Keith from the Black Cat Club – and a new project. The Margate Big Busk takes place on 6th September, from 11am-4pm.

The Margate Big Busk is a simple idea, a one-day event bringing buskers, street performers, poets and performance artists to the town. Participating venues will organise their own buskers for the day, and visitors will be able to wander from one place to the next to enjoy the surprises street entertainment brings – sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. There are more details for people who want to get involved here. Venues will see new visitors, and the acts will encourage people to linger a little longer than they might otherwise – so The Margate Big Busk supports local independent traders in a simple way.

The Margate Big Busk is organised by Revolutionary Arts, who will list all events on a Facebook page, a Twitter hashtag and a map to be distributed through venues taking part.

The Margate Big Busk was inspired by the Southsea Sunday event.  This was made during a workshop which Revolutionary Arts founder Dan Thompson ran in Southsea.



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