The Britpop Show

P1120592Twenty years on, what did Britpop really mean?

The musical movement started in the early 1990s, and this stage show brought together three people who were there; Dodgy’s drummer Mathew Priest, Paul Weller bassist and former Blow Up DJ Andy Lewis, and artist, former roadie and ex-Blow Up tour DJ Dan Thompson.

Around a box of 7″ singles, played as they fitted the unrehearsed conversation, they discussed the real roots of Britpop in the early 90s music scene, what it felt like to be part of it, and whether Britpop had left a meaningful legacy in a renewed sense of Britishness that has driven creativity since then. Intimate, entertaining and inspiring.

Performed just once at Brighton’s rock ‘n’ roll boutique b&b Hotel Peliroco, The Britpop Show might be revived in the future – maybe to mark the thirtieth anniversary?


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