People and places inform everything that Revolutionary Arts has done since it was founded by two artists in 2000. Dan & Tracey Thompson still run the company, and every project starts with a conversation with them, and usually – a cup of tea. Ideas are worked up, plans take shape and then a To Do list is drawn up.

Things Revolutionary Arts have started: Empty Shops Network, #wewillgather, Pier Day, Artists and Makers Festival and open houses in Worthing, Horsham Open Studios, Revolutionary Music, artistsandmakers.com, Workshop 24, Workshop 1a, Workshop 16, Retail Ready People, London Road


Projects are tailor made for the people commissioning them, who range from individuals looking for a small artwork for a wall to organisations wanting large projects to engage whole communities.

People Revolutionary Arts have been commissioned by, funded by or worked with: Appetite, Transported, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Nesta, vInspired, The Culture Quarter Programme, Royal Opera House, MLA, Living Places, Arts Council England, Unilever, Smirnoff Experience, Budwesier Budvar, Meanwhile Project, Spacemakers, The Caravan Gallery, Proboscis Studios, South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust, Playful Leeds, Worthing Borough Council, Coventry City Council


Revolutionary Arts are particularly interested in reclaiming private spaces for public use, and have produced programmes to run in empty shops, staged parties on piers and started trails of artists’ open houses.

Places Revolutionary Arts have used: websites, houses, empty shops, churches,  piers, streets, subways and twittens


Revolutionary Arts have enjoyed playing with technology since 2001, and have encouraged people to create blogs, made real projects through social networks and collaborated with artists via the internet. You can find Revolutionary Arts director Dan Thompson on Twitter, Flickr, You Tube and Facebook.

Hashtags Revolutionary Arts use: #allabouttheroad, #emptyshops, #wewillgather, #pierday


Towns & cities where Revolutionary Arts have worked: Amsterdam, Bedford, Belfast, Bethnal Green, Boston, Birmingham, Brixton, Burnley, Cardiff, Carlisle, Coventry, Eastbourne, Isle of Wight, Leeds, Littlehampton, London, Manchester, Margate, Newcastle NSW, Portsmouth, Rochester, Rotterdam, Salford, Seven Dials, Shoreham by Sea, Southampton, Southsea, South Kilburn, Stoke, Tooting, Worthing


Revolutionary Arts is a Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership No OC374004


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