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Margate; where art and windfarms come together

Here’s an interesting view of Margate, which takes in two things that we love here at Revolutionary Arts HQ – art and green energy. Which one can save a seaside town? It was a tricky proposition for struggling seaside town Margate. The rise in cheap foreign package holidays, local employers facing a precarious future and […]

BBC Breakfast

2013 has started with two appearances on BBC Breakfast by Revolutionary Arts founder Dan Thompson. In the first, he visited BBC Breakfast’s Salford studio and spoke to Jon Kay and Louise Minchin about how #riotcleanup led to starting #wewillgather. And in the second he visited an empty shopping centre in Reading to meet some zombies (and […]

Handmade Living

One of the core beliefs of pop-up is trying things out. ‘Women aren’t afraid to do that and learn the lessons of their success – or failure.’ These pioneers could even be changing the way the economy works. ‘People talk about the death of manufacturing in this countrybut, while we don’t make so many big things, if you look at the sheer quantity of the quilts that my […]

The Argus

As the number of empty shops in our town centres reaches an all-time high, it’s easy to believe that the high street is dead. We know because Mary Portas has told us. In her review for the Government, she said: “The days of a high street populated simply by independent butchers, bakers and candlestick makers […]

The Guardian

It started with a patch of waste ground near my childhood home and a pair of rusty shears. One corner of Worthing’s Maybridge estate had been forgotten by the council and was overgrown. Some old, broken fence panels had been dumped there and the overgrown bushes had collected litter blown by the wind. My local […]

The Independent Blogs

‘London 2012 was about the people of Great Britain, not its institutions. It celebrated real working people in the opening ceremony, astounded us with down-to-earth sports people who could so easily be our next door neighbours, and welcomed visitors with the help of over 70,000 volunteer gamesmakers and city ambassadors. That idea, not just that […]

‘One of the few positive stories after last year’s riots was the way communities came together with buckets and brooms to clean up the capital and reclaim the streets. Dan Thompson, who co-ordinated thousands of people largely via Twitter, says he’s found a new way of connecting like-minded residents who want to improve their part […]

The Guardian writers’ relay

 “In its own quiet way, on occasion, Worthing beats Brighton at its own game. While Brighton boasts a strong countercultural streak, Worthing is the home of the Revolutionary Arts group, whose Empty Shops Network has helped people around the country utilise vacant retail spaces in order to host art shows, house temporary shops and more” […]