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Bedford Happy Posters

These designs were produced for Bedford Happy. Eight unlimited editions on A4 coloured paper were distributed in shop windows around the town. Five of the designs were produced as limited edition A3 prints, with white text, black shadow, on a yellow background, all signed and numbered by the artist. These eight black & white versions can […]

Fifty inspiring ideas for places (Part two)

Last year, we wrote about how we believe the place where you live belongs to you, and it’s up to you to shape it. We wrote a list of fifty inspiring projects from around the country – some ours, some we’ve visited, some we just love in the Revolutionary Arts office. Here’s another fifty that can inspire […]

Studios in Margate

Revolutionary Arts relocated to Margate in 2013, after a lifetime in Worthing, interested in a place full of spaces for artists. There’s a rich mix of studios and project spaces, each with their own clique of artists. So here’s a short guide to Margate’s art studios: Pie Factory are based in the regenerated Old Town, where […]

Fifty inspiring ideas for places (Part one)

The place where you live belongs to you, and it’s up to you to shape it. That’s been a thread through thirteen years of work, during which Revolutionary Arts have held street parties and declared the end of Worthing pier an independent state, hijacked pedestrian precincts and refilled empty shops, borrowed churches for exhibitions and […]

The arts and #givingtuesday

So you’ve seen that #givingtuesday is coming to the UK, but you’re not sure how to get involved? The hashtag highlights a day of action in the run up to Christmas, and was started last year in the US on the day after Black Monday, when internet sales reach their peak. It’s open to anyone, […]

Balancing your High Street

Here at Revolutionary Arts, we’ve spent a lot of time playing with High Streets, exploring public space and working out the potential of empty shops. We reckon every town or city centre needs a mix of four things; Shops, Work, Civic and Social. We need shops, both useful ones and ones that are fun to […]

Revolutionary Insipration

What inspires us? All sorts of people, places and ideas. Everything from the writing of revolutionaries to song lyrics. We’re celebrating that in a series of pdfs with inspiring words from people like actor & activist Peter Coyote, artist Bill Viola and activist Gerrard Winstanley. Download them, print them, stick them up. Or you can […]

Pop Up Business For Dummies

Originally posted on Empty Shops Network:
Pop Up Business For Dummies is a detailed guide to how to devise, plan and deliver a pop up project. It’s published as part of the popular For Dummies series, which aim to make everything easier – and it will make it easier for anyone wanting to open a…

Arts hashtags

Hashtags – a word, set of initials or unbroken string of words preceded by a # sign – are used on Twitter and other social media. Using them in a Tweet helps other people search and find relevant content easily, and allows people to create threads of relevant content for other websites. These are some […]