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From the Archives: Worthing Arts Manifesto

Going back through the Revolutionary Arts archives, we sometimes find a forgotten gem. Here’s something we wrote to place the arts, heritage and creative industries at the heart of Worthing: A Manifesto for the Arts in Worthing Written by Dan Thompson Published by the Revolutionary Arts Group Introduction In October 2000, the Revolutionary Arts Group […]

Coast cafe branding

When Coast cafe opened on the beach at Worthing, they wanted a bold, artist-made sign which could be used as their branding. The original sign was handpainted by Revolutionary Art’s Dan Thompson in 2008. It used heavy pine boards from the Ice prince shipwreck, and a chunky font inspired by old letterpress which was intended […]

100 Views of Worthing Pier

In 2010, Revolutionary Arts commissioned Alice Angus from Proboscis Studios to draw Worthing Pier. We got more than we expected. Alice visited Worthing Pier on a number of occasions, even bringing a kayak to get underneath the pier and to open up views from the sea. She completed over 100 drawings, and took phtographs and […]

50 Ideas For Worthing

In 2011, Revolutionary Arts turned the annual Made In Worthing festival into a pop up thinktank and invited artists and academics, community organisers and creative businesses to get together, walk the town and think about a different future. The ideas were an antidote to what Jane Jacobs called ‘the doctrine of salvation by brick’, and […]

Worthing Art Trail (2001-2003) and Artists & Makers Festival (2004-2008)

The Worthing Art Trail was the first major project from Revolutionary Arts, then known as the Revolutionary Art Groop. It was founded by Dan and Tracey Thompson, renting a studio together in Worthing alongside landscape painter Duncan Thrussell. They were keen to involve artists outside the immediate studio, and brought Northbrook College tutors and graduates […]