Empty Shops Network

Tea party at Workshop 24The Empty Shops Network was set up to help people restore, revive and reinvent the high street – based on Revolutionary Arts work to bring empty shops into more creative use.

The Empty Shops Network  has encouraged prototyping, testing and reinvention of the redundant spaces in the UK’s town centres. It’s done that by providing:

Advice; delivering workshops, seminars and masterclasses across the UK on pop up shops and other temporary projects. Helping organisations like Spacemakers and the Meanwhile Project get started.

Advocacy; in the national media, with specialist organisations and to government; producing reports like Pop Up People; and delivering keynote speeches at conferences. Contributing case studies and ideas to the Portas Review.

Easing administration; by giving away free resources, planning guidance and documents to make the empty shops movement ‘open source’ and by authoring the Empty Shops Toolkit and Pop Up Business For Dummies.

All of that work is based on real experience, understanding and analysis. The Empty Shops Network has been involved in planning, producing and managing pop up shops and other projects across the UK, bringing together a range of partners for pop up projects lasting from a few days to a couple of years.


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